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Rock 'n Roll meets the shamans: The Documentary

As the world is currently going through a chaotic time, more and more people are questioning life, love and death. They are in search of meaning, references and ultimately well-being. Throughout this documentary, I tell how Rock’n Roll, Shamanism, and Colombian culture come together on a healing journey.

My personal experience has a universal reach and can help people on their quest by opening up new horizons for them.


​After reading a book (Les Indiens kogis by Eric Julien ed. Actes Sud) on the Kogi Indians of Colombia, in 2019, I feel the visceral need to meet them.

From Paris, I then embark on an initiatory journey to Colombia. During this short trip to Colombia, I end up meeting a Kogi shaman lady from the Sierra Nevada and the Muiscas tribe near Bogota.


Through their contact, I deepen the privileged relationship they nurture with "Pachamama", Mother Nature, and discover a country whose cultural mix (indigenous, African and European) takes on a very personal resonance with my Franco-German-Malagasy origins.

From Poitou to Bogota:

In 2021, when my father dies unexpectedly and accidentally, I undertake a documentary film project that recounts the improbable encounter between rock 'n roll, shamanism and Colombian culture on my path to healing.

The main thread of the film is the creation of a concert with my personal songs that starts in Poitou, where my roots and the source of my inspiration are, and then takes us to Bogota, Colombia. Overthere, recognized national artists of different generations, with different musical universes and levels of fame join this concert. Among those who agreed to be part of the trip are Bomba Estereo, Teto Campo and Dany Garces.


The elaboration of this live performance, nurtured by the teachings of the root peoples with their shamanic traditions, will make the spectator/listener discover the message transmitted by the Afro-Colombian drum tradition through their healing function.

The Crowdfunding:

I've been involved in this project for several years and have gathered a collective of great musical talents together with a technical and a creative team.

We have launched a crowdfunding to finance a trip to Colombia that will allow us to continue to deepen the film's main sequences, and to film interviews with the protagonists.

We believe in giving back and celebrating Mother Earth in return for her generosity. So, if you too believe in the importance of giving back to Pachamama or if you simply find this project interesting or appealing, please offer your help by participating in the online fundraiser here :

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