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Maylin’s mother, originally from Madagascar gave her a taste for poetry and a deep connection with nature. Whereas, her French-German father ingrained in her the longing for risk and drama. This cultural mix shaped her adventurous soul.


Maylin was raised in a small village of the French countryside. Her personal quest to overcome an extremely shy nature lead her to find ways of being herself and expressing her personality. Pursuing a career as an artist didn’t seem like an obvious calling.


She became a model in Milan, an actress in Paris (La Reine Blanchestarring Catherine Deneuve). Her determination to find her personal expression brought her to the US for 15 years. In New-York, then Los Angeles, she was an actress (October 22nd, In God’s Hands). 


Singing was the ultimate challenge for the one who had been told from childhood that she sang "like a saucepan". This drove her to dig out her voice — and therefore her path — of a singer-songwriter. While in the US, she discovered the spirit of the Delta, the spirit of the Blues.

Maylin currently lives between Paris and her village of Poitou where she creates and records most of her songs and her web-series Maylin's lab. She also draws inspiration from her travels, most recently when she met indigenous peoples of South America and was able to begin to learn their shamanic traditions.

This lead her to prepare a documentary film project viewed from an autobiographical standpoint, entitled "Rock and Roll meets the shamans, story of a healing". The film tells how Rock and Roll, shamanism and Colombian culture come together on a healing journey. It shows how Maylin records her musical album "Untamed" with renowned Colombian artists (Bomba Estereo, Dany Garces etc.) by drawing on the teachings of Indigenous peoples.



In 2005, Maylin Pultar releases a solo album "On My Way To See You" under the name Maylin

In 2013, she releases the EP "Run hippy Run"

In 2016 She releases the EP "Eagle Lion and Crows".

In 2017, under the name Maylin and the Mad Machine, the EP "Naked Truth", was produced by Ladell Mclin, a Chicago Bluesman.

Maylin has a habit of marking her rebirths with new stage names. This is how she returns in September 2020 as Maylin, The Buffalo Girl.

On stage, Maylin embodies a character, who is a mixture of woman, raven and tree: Buffalo girl.

Buffalo girl, her alter-ego, is a fantasized character—  a superhero born out of the earth, whose mission is to reconnect people invaded by technology to their ancestral customs and the values ​​of “root peoples”.  She strives to reintroduce the notion of communion and respectful links with nature in everyday life.


Maylin desires to walk towards a personal authenticity and to express her dignity along with those who suffer. This desire pushes her to create. Thus, she encourages others by drawing on the healing power of the vibrations of the human voice.

In 2021, she releases two singles. "Sometimes" and "Come to me".

In 2022, she releases her latest single "Song for Zane", a song dedicated to Maylin's friend, Zane Musa, a reputed saxophonist prodigy from LA who committed suicide.

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